Hans Dutch Artist Fine Art


Hi there, I am Hans Dutch artist.

                   "Accepting failure is the beginning of progress" 


Have painted, and designed, from a very young age.
In the late sixties, while in Paris, I joined the Académie des european arts moderne,
and had many expositions in Paris throughout the early seventies,
I stopped practising art for many years, but In the past few years I have taken up the brush again.
I am self taught,but studied with other painters and have studied colours, light, composition, and perspective during a long period.

My chosen subjects are quite varied and diverse, and on my paIlet. I only use a limited palet in general.this may seem old fashioned, but I try to put vibration and life into all of my paintings and drawings, and try to catch the viewer to walk inside my paintings

I want my art to touch, and move, the viewer. I strive to advance and learn each and every day.
The road is long, but the ubiquitous passion gives me a satisfaction that enables me to continue to create.
In the past years, I have had several expositions in France (Brive, Objat, Saint Yriex, Terrasson,Arriege) and I am a member of several art societies (les artistes du bas limousin and l'ordre international des artistes créateurs). by invitation of Pierre Brayard
Ps. I love also to paint and design portraits and animals,flowers landscapes
many of my paintings are sold world wide Australia,America,Ireland, United Kingdom,France and Netherland


rembrandt, vermeer, mesdag, hals, fm benett and many others


I love painting any thing what I like no matter what subject,Portraits -Animals-Flowers-Landscapes-Interior-Still life .
I paint mainly in oil,but also do drawings-charcoal- pencil - ink and pastel . .
I hope my audience will experience view and feel the movement and display the beauty of nature and creation. Feel Free to browse my Gallery of Paintings